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Alpine Arrow Tag

A new fun safe way to tag your friends and family!!

Alpine Arrow Tag is a fast paced adrenaline packed skirmish, which involves using bows and arrows.
Not to worry the arrows have big soft foam tips!!

Alpine Arrow Tag is a local mobile business that comes to you!!

We offer 1 hour and 2 hour group bookings. Play at your own location at your own desired time, or choose from one of our many available locations throughout the snowy mountains region! 

Alpine Arrow Tag is the newest combat sport in which players use recurve bows and foam-tipped arrows to shoot at the opposing team members on the field. Two teams consisting of at least 5 players each, strategically move between large inflatable bunkers and aim to tag out their opponents using the arrows. Think paintball but without the pain, bruises or welts. Players do not need any prior archery skills; it's simple, safe and fun for all ages!

Groups book a 1 or 2 hour event, which gives players time to learn, practice and participate in several action-packed rounds. We start off with some simple instruction and practice with the equipment, run through those vital safety tips and then get straight into Archery Tag! We have a few interesting ways to 'choose' your team members... which is where the real fun begins. You can always choose to switch up teams throughout the event, maybe you're keen to transfer players to the opposition so you get a chance to settle some scores! We play traditional Alpine Arrow Tag with a points based system, before getting into a bunch of insane combat variation games!